Sightseeing in Dubai

If you're planning a holiday in Dubai, there's no place better to go sightseeing in Dubai than the Burj el Arab. The Burj ul Arab is the largest of the seven manmade islands in the desert of Dubai. It is a manmade island which was built by engineers who were supervised by the prince of Dubai. Burj el Arab is the only island in Dubai that is free of humans, with no animals or birds allowed to enter. Burj el Arab is also known as the White City because it's located right next to the White House.

Dubai is a man-made island and emirate within the United Arab Emirates with a spectacular skyline dominated by the world's tallest building, Burj el Arab. Burj el Arab is home to the world's only seven-star hotel, and the Burj el Arab's distinctive white roof is the most striking feature of this landmark hotel. Burj el Arab also hosts several man-made islands that are popular tourist destinations. At its edge is Dubai Creek, a body of water used for hydro-power, racing events, water skiing, swimming and other water sports. Burj Al Arab is also home to a famous indoor ski slope, which is open to all visitors who don't want to go skiing on a slippery slope. Read more about Palm Tower Dubai.

Just south of Burj el Arab is Dubai's largest man-made beach, Jumeirah. Jumeirah is an artificial island which boasts a luxurious shopping mall, Burj al Arab's black sand beach, Jumeirah beach cafes, restaurants and hotels. Dubai's Burj Al Arab will be another tourist attraction, should you choose to visit this area. Burj Al Arab is synonymous with Dubai shopping. It houses the world's largest man-made mall, Burj Al Arab Hotel, and Burj Al Arab fountain show.

Not far from Jumeirah Beach is Dubai Marina, which offers a wide array of restaurants, hotels and resorts. The Marina is the largest artificial island in the Middle East and is surrounded by a network of man-made beaches. You can take a boat tour around the artificial island or just relax on one of the pristine beaches and enjoy the stunning views of the city. Many hotel guests prefer the hotel's swimming pool, which is the largest in Dubai.

One of the places you should definitely not miss when you visit Dubai is Deira. Deira is the old commercial area of Dubai and is located on Emirates square area. If you are interested in seeing historical buildings and monuments, you should definitely visit Deira. You can walk to the top of the Emirates Building, which is the tallest building in the region. Another landmark in Deira is the Al Boom Hotel. This beautiful building sits on top of an old printing press and has an observation deck that gives you a 360 degree view of the city.

Souk Al Hajar Mountains is another popular attraction in Dubai. This souk specializes in providing local products to tourists. You can buy clothes, accessories and souvenirs at the souk. You will also find traditional songs, like the Al Hajar Honeymoon Hotel and Al Hajar House, where you can enjoy quality local cuisine and bargain prices. Check out Dubai Palm Tower.

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