Sightseeing in Dubai

If you want to get away from the maddening rush of the city, Dubai offers a unique chance to sightsee. Dubai is a modern city and emirate within the United Arab Emirates with a dynamic nightlife scene, ultramodern design and luxurious shopping. Burj Al Arab, the world's tallest tower, dominating the skyline, is another sightseeing landmark. In its midsection, on artificial islands just off shore is Atlantis, The Palm and a resort with dolphin-boat rides and water-based activities.

The first tourist attractions in Dubai are the shops. Souks sell everything you could imagine from designer sunglasses to traditional handicrafts from Bedouins to Emirates-made carpets. Of course the shopping experience is not complete without the jumeirah mosque. The elegant, red-tiled structure, designed in the Quraish area of Dubai looks like a fortress, and houses the mosque. The Al Boom Shopping Centre, with its vast food court, offers a wide range of modern and traditional designer goods. Find out more about Palm Jumeirah.

Other sights for sightseeing in Dubai include the indoor and outdoor Dubai aquarium, the Dubai Museum of Modern Art, the Dubai Aquarium and the Dubai Zoo. The aquarium at the Al Boom Shopping Centre is one of the largest in the region and boasts an array of colourful marine life. The Dubai Museum of Modern Art houses some of the major works of contemporary artists from around the world. The Dubai Aquarium features several exhibits on freshwater fishes and aquatic wildlife, including the Swordfish, the King Salmon and the Dolphin. The Dubai mall aquarium is home to some of the most exclusive fish in the world, including peacocks, sharks and even flamingos.

If you're planning a vacation, sightseeing in Dubai is an excellent way to relax and unwind after spending a day at the office. The Dubai Museum of Modern Art features an impressive collection of modern paintings, including the famous Mona Lisa. The Dubai Museum of Islamic Arts has an extensive range of exhibits on various art forms and traditional architecture. And if you're planning a shopping trip, the Dubai mall offers fantastic discounts during the months of April - May.

Nightlife in Dubai is a highly recommended sightseeing activity. The al hijar mountains provide some of the most striking views over the city, and are the perfect places to go at night. Two of the most popular places to visit are the Dubai Creek and the Dubai deserts; both offer spectacular sights of the city in their natural dark and bright environments. However, if you prefer activities during the day, you are suggested to head over to the Dubai parks and the Dubai museums. Check out The View.

Sightseeing in Dubai can't be fully enjoyed without paying a visit to one or more of the Dubai hotels. Among the best things to do while staying in a Dubai hotel include shopping at one of the many shopping malls, taking part in the water sports provided at the beaches, getting a glimpse of the magnificent Dubai structures from the outside of the hotel, enjoying an afternoon under the sun at one of the beach hotels, and having fun at the nightclubs. However, the best things to do while staying in a Dubai hotel are to dine out at one of the various restaurants or take part in the dining competitions organized at the hotels. You will surely find a number of places to go in Dubai at night.

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